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Cook Aviation Services LLC owns and operates a Cessna 172E

This 1964 Cessna 172 is available for rental and instruction. It is VFR equipped and certified with a single nav/com, CDI, ADSB compliant , and intercom.

Time is charged by the hobbs meter.

Hourly Wet Rates: 150 hr

Block rates are available. When you purchase 10 flight hours at a time, we tack on an 11th hour free.

  • 30 minute minimum rental on all aircraft

  • 3 hour minimum rental on all overnight (i.e. 24 hour) rentals

  • A fuel surcharge is added to all rentals. This hourly charge varies with the cost of fuel at the time of rental; when fuel prices go up it goes up, when fuel prices go down it goes down as well.​

  • Rental only available in North Dakota.

We are always looking for new aircraft to add to our fleet if you know of a C172 for sale let us know about it.

Please use the links below to begin the rental process.

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Rental Agreement
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